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  • A framework for digital skills

    We’ve been thinking a lot about skills recently, you’d probably expect as much but we wanted to sort out what skills and understanding people need to be able to run successful digital …

    What’s the deal with Learning Plans?

    Learning Plans for us are a living tool that helps a learner and their Personal Trainer to co-ordinate the right mix of experiences for each individual, and to keep everyone on track

    Introducing Al

    I’d like to introduce myself as the newest member of the Digital Skills Gym team. My name’s Al and I’ll be working on shaping up the Gym for the next …

    What have we learned so far?

    We’re coming up to six weeks into our alpha of the Digital Skills Gym with the first cohort of learners from the National Careers Service. One of our main goals …

    Why having a personal trainer will boost your chances of digital success

    Just as personal trainers at traditional gyms find the best way for people to get fit, our trainers are there to ensure people are getting exactly what they need from the digital skills gym.

    Civil servants see the benefit of social media – but they need the skills to make the most of it

    72% of public sector folk do not rate their social media skills highly – despite the fact that a majority see social media as having a potentially very positive impact on their work.

    Why being comfortable with different digital tools is increasingly vital

    I think it is fair to say that the days of our working lives being dominated by just one or two big corporate systems are over. Instead, everyone will have …